Courir, grimper, ramper, rouler, glisser, sauter : la baby gym aide l’enfant à développer sa motricité, à coordonner ses mouvements et à acquérir un bon sens de l’équilibre.

Une activité idéale pour se défouler et apprendre à maîtriser son corps !


ÉCOLE SAINTE-MARTHE, 5 bis, rue Lacaille


  • 25 places disponibles


Watching it all from the back of the bus was Stosh Mintek, the 37-year-old chief executive of Ghetto Film School, an immersive high school film program that sponsored the London students’ trip to Los Angeles. G. F. S. , as it is often called, has been around since 2000, when it was established as an after-school summer program in the Bronx aimed at minority students. It has developed into a 30-month curriculum with programs in New York, Los Angeles and London. Fellows receive 1,000 hours of instruction in screenwriting, film production, animation and movie history.

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